Facts om CRON

Cron er verdens største leverandør af CtP anlæg

  • 3000 installationer worldwide
  • 1300 installationer Eamer
  • 500 installationer i Europa
  • 70% markedsandel i Schweiz


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 Aage Haugaard, +45 6169 4455
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The Market Opportunity for


Small format, space saving and low cost with all the features necessary for the small printer

Auto-loading, plate punching, un-attended operation

Supports low-cost small offset printing businesses, who could not afford CTP before

Replaces old CTPs such as: Violet laser CTPs, Presstek, iCTP and Polyester CTP

36 and 46H

The Best value for money and smallest footprint in 4 and 8 page CTP

Brings a real competitive advantage with built-in automation and customisable punching

A range of throughput speeds to suit any market requirement

Full automation, high precision, superior image quality

60H and 72H

Extremely practical and unique VLF CTP format at a very attractive price

50 plate Autoloader is a big plus.  Loading VLF format plates manually is time-consuming and not an easy job. Reduction of labor cost is a huge benefit to the customer

To achieve high precision online punching on a VLF-CTP is not easy, benefits the customer by reducing printing make ready time and paper waste

60H and 72H are likely to be the most cost effective of all H model machines

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Koenig & Bauer Press Consum DK

Hvem er Koenig & Bauer Press Consum DK?

Din full service leverandør til ark trykkerier. VI kan servicere dig med plader fugtevand, farver, afvasker, vaskeruller samt den store palette af småt tilbehør.
Vi er også med fra trykstart med CTP og glæder os til at overraske dig med funktionalitet til lav pris med CRON CTP.


Vi glæder os til at betjene dig!


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